Jim recently shared his "Source of Hope" with fitness and training professionals at Equinox Fitness. One of the members of the audience reached out to let us know what Jim's message meant to him:

Inspiration was always hard for me to find. I've heard people's stories before but never one like Jim's.

The moment I met Jim I knew there was an avidity in the way he lives his life. But I never knew the depth of it until he spoke for my coworkers and I. I was amazed at the instant inspiration I felt to cherish the moments I have and the people who are in my life. He reminded me of just how much I love the things I do and brought me back to the root of my passion for my work. More so, he opened my eyes to chase my "why" and help the people that I come into contact with everyday find their drive and zest for life.

Jim is much more than a story and more than an inspiration... He is a reminder that a source of hope is what creates a life worth living, leading and sharing.

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