For nearly 30 years, Jim has maintained a newsletter correspondence with his loyal clients.
For all of the youngsters reading this, newsletters are like blog posts--just better.
Read on for some of Jim's "greatest hits" and musings on business and life.

After our August newsletter (two months ago) we received some incredible responses and warm wishes in support of my health odyssey. Thank you to all of you who took the time to respond to me via e-mail. I have promised to provide updates to our readers through this newsletter. As of this writing, which is in late September, I am still awaiting the organs for my transplant trifecta. I have been on an “any day now” status for over three weeks. I feel like the sprinter who is firmly in the blocks and the starter says, “On your mark, get set” - and then there is no gun shot. I wait suspended on the blocks. I must subscribe to the adage of whatever is of value is worth waiting for. Hopefully by the time you receive this newsletter, I will have had my big day.

When I think about all the devastation that has recently occurred in the Gulf Coast, it should give us pause to think about our own life situations. In a matter of a few days, like can dramatically turn. For some it can be in just a moment. We work so hard to bring order and a plan into our daily lives and then something so unplanned can turn our lives into a state of chaos. It is refreshing to see how people react in these times of despair. I continue to be impressed with the human spirit and the generous mind. I’ve learned through this newsletter that our steel audience is composed not just of “steel users,” but of people with wonderful intentions that happen to use steel. Thank you for that.