Loveland, CO —Jim Stavis, Executive Producer and subject of the 2014 film, Source of Hope, accepted the Doing Good Award Saturday night at the Lifetree Film Festival in the historic Rialto Theatre.  

The 24-minute film chronicles Stavis’ path to a rare triple transplant and the subsequent relationship that follows with his donor’s family.

“This was my first attempt at a film and my first film festival,” says Stavis, who heads Paragon Steel in southern California. “I’m really proud of the people who helped make it happen. I’m grateful to Brice Fabing for being my hero, and to the Fabing family for their generosity of spirit. I hope more Coloradans say YES to the gift of life at the DMV, or at after seeing our story.”

By producing the film—on a shoestring budget—Stavis aims to bring attention to the 123,000 people who wait for a life-saving transplant today. 21 Americans die every day waiting for a gift of life (source: US Health and Human Services).

The Lifetree Film Festival showcases films that portray “people or organizations making a positive difference.”  This is it’s fifth year.  Prizes included the Doing Good and Doing Life Awards, as well as cash donations to organizations themselves.