27 Years and Counting: The Strength and Flexibility of Paragon Steel

On July 5th Paragon entered its 28th year of business. For over a quarter century Paragon Steel has made its mark in the ever-changing steel industry.  When we started back in 1988, both the Dodgers and Lakers won titles.  That has not happened since. Here are few notable changes in the times from 1988 to the present.  Unfortunately, many of us can still remember this time period.

Average cost of new home: $91,600                                                                               

Average cost of new car: $10,400

Interest rate: 10.5%

Cost of a gallon of gas: $.91   

Cost of a movie ticket: $3.50                                                                                                  

No Internet, cellphones or life as we know it!

So what have we learned since 1988?  Customers change, competitors change, markets change, and life changes.  Other than that, everything pretty much stays the same.  27 years to be very proud of.  Where will we be 27 years from now?